Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

On Friday I slept with less than 2 sweatshirts and long underwear and I also took a shower and wasn't wearing shoes.  That can only mean one thing -- WE HAVE POWER!  After 4 days without power we were miserable. I can't imagine what it's like for the people that still don't have power.  

The first day without power was still tolerable and Andy was looking for jobs to do that didn't require power tools.

He started with the trim along the steps that has been bothering him since we moved in.  There's some thing about the carpet wrapping around the stair treads that just didn't seem right.

So he pulled the trim off and cut the carpet (that's going to be replaced anyway)

And we ended up with this.  Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.

Next, he moved on to the handrail on the steps.  We want to replace it and there was significant drywall damage where it was attached to the wall.

Nice hole! Andy got out his drywall compound and set to filling all of the holes.

Meanwhile, I unscrewed all of the shutters that used to hang over the living room windows.  I remember sitting on that couch on the day we moved in and AB said "well, these should be one of the first things to go" and I totally agreed.  It only took me a little less than 2 years and 1 day without power to take them down!

While Andy was patching holes he decided that we need to replace the old thermostat that we still use to control our oil heat.