Monday, April 7, 2014

Laundry Room Reno

When we bought the house about 3 years ago our laundry room looked like this. Complete with green and yellow cabinet doors.

And multi-colored shelves in the closet.

I painted the cabinet doors awhile ago when I just couldn't stand the green and yellow any more. And in preparation for the rest of the renovation Andy removed the old sticky-back vinyl tiles and repaired some of the drywall.  The plan was to get new vinyl flooring, paint the walls and trim, replace the utility sink, and get a new washer and dryer.  We would love to replace the cabinets and possibly even enlarge this room at some point in the future but this first round of renovations became a necessity when we decided it was time for a new washer and dryer.  The old ones still worked (barely) but they were quickly dying and we wanted to have time to do some research and look for sales before one of the old ones died and we didn't have a choice.

I was very happy to see the old sink get removed!

Ready for for paint and flooring.

Andy painted all of the walls and trim a few days before the new flooring was scheduled to be installed so that we didn't have to live without a washer and dryer for too long.

The flooring was installed and the next day the new washer and dryer were delivered. 

Andy got the new utility sink hooked up and we managed to get the rest of the room put back together the following weekend. We found a cantilevered sink so that we could get rid of the legs in the front and open up the space under the sink for storage.

This is where Kodak eats so he thought he needed to help take pictures just in case it was dinner time.

I like the new vinyl floor but it is very light.  We new we wanted vinyl since this room is a dumping ground and we wanted something easy to clean.  The rugs help keep some of the dirt off the floor and out of the family room.

The closest didn't get re-organized but it's just nice to have shelves that are all the same color.

And some day I'll make/buy a window treatment for this window.  I think I'd like to make one but I haven't been able to find any fabric that I like.