Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bonjour French Cleat

 With the bedroom finally painted we decided to mount the headboard we made here to the wall instead of to the bed frame.  Andy did some research and decided that a French cleat was the best option so he planned one using a 2x4.

We measured to fit it between the existing supports.

Mounted part to the wall

And checked for level.

Since we are mounting the headboard to the wall it doesn't need legs anymore.

From the front it really doesn't look any different

But from the side it is mounted flush with the wall and is a huge improvement over the original design.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rolling On

Andy and I both took some extra time off around New Year's to focus on getting the bedroom and hall painted in preparation for new carpet.

We want to add some color to the rooms (no more contractor cream or builder beige) and we have big plans for some bold color (coming soon) but in the bedroom we decided to keep it simple.  We decided on Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. 

The current painting projects include EVERYTHING -- ceiling, walls, and trim (oh, how I hate painting ceilings!), so it's a multi-day process for us.

The first day we removed all of the old carpet in the hall to make painting the new trim easier. First this happened.

 And then this happened because Kodak is somewhat terrified of hardwood floor and wouldn't come upstairs. What you can't see is that I even had to put a non-slip mat under the rugs to get him to come up.

The real prepwork started early the following day. We moved the furniture and tested some paint on the area where the border used to be.  Andy had to use vinegar and some sanding to remove the residual glue. We painted the ceiling and trim the same day.

And the next day were were finally able to paint the walls and reclaim our bedroom.