Monday, June 13, 2011

Cool or creepy?

A few weeks ago our garden became infested with aphids.  They aren't the nastiest bugs around and they weren't doing a ton of damage, but they were quickly attacking our tomatoes and lettuce and the tomatoes were just starting to look good.  I didn't want to risk further damage.  After a little google search we determined that lady bugs were the best way to get rid of the aphids.  I had seen a few in the garden but not nearly enough to keep up with our infestation.  Another google search and we realized that you can buy lady bugs on Amazon!  It's pretty cool that you can buy lady bugs online and they will feast on the nasty bugs without damaging the plants.  It's a little creepy that when I opened the container they all started to crawl up my arm.
 Nasty little aphids.

 Aren't they cute?

 Not so cute anymore!  I could barely hold still for the picture.  I don't mind bugs -- but this was a few dozen past my comfort zone. 

 Hanging out on the tomato plant a few days after we released them.

Protecting the lettuce.

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