Sunday, July 24, 2011

Detour -- Part 2: The Big Reveal

Here is it -- the first (finished) bathroom project since we moved and it's not even in our own house (sheesh)!  It was well worth the effort and time away from our own projects here at the house to have the satisfaction of a finished project.  It was great motivation to keep us plugging away on the master bathroom.

The bathroom at the shore used to look something like this.

Andy finished repairing the floor, installing the drywall and painting a few weeks ago.

 Drywall up and mudded.

 New floor to replace floor damaged by leaky toilet and walls painted.

This weekend we had to paint the trim, install the new flooring, install the refinished vanity and top, connect the plumbing, rehang the newly painted trim, install the toilet, and hang the mirror and other accessories.

 Carefully measuring and cutting the floor to fit around plumbing and trim.

 Partially installed.

 Vanity in place.  Click here to see the first post about the bathroom remodel.

 Installing the trim.

 FINAL REVEAL.  That is one happy worker (camouflage shorts included) .


Toilet, floor, and new blind to match the ones in the bedroom.

Don't worry we took some time over the weekend to enjoy the heat bay and ocean.   Kodak even discovered that all of his digging could actually be productive if he just stuck his head underwater.  On one of his first attempts he came up with this giant clam.  Andy and I may put him to work -- he's halfway to a good clam chowder!

 The prized possession.  He was so proud of himself.

A few more of these and we could have a feast!  Too bad it was way too hot for cooking.

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