Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Garden Pests

I hate slugs!  Not because they leave slimy trails on our sidewalk, not because they eat my marigolds, and not because we occasionally track one of them in the house on our shoes (GROSS! Kodak finds that extremely offensive.), but because they are destroying my garden and they especially love green beans and eggplant.  We try to keep the garden as organic as possible and I've learned that traditional slug bait can be very toxic.  I tried an organic type of bait but it's designed to make the slugs feel full instead of killing them so you have to re-apply regularly and it's expensive.  I read online to try beer traps and figured it was at least worth a shot.  

We saved some Chobani yogurt containers (apparently black cherry is popular around here)...

Dig a hole and bury the empty cup in the garden...

Fill with the finest type of beer available.  I won't reveal the source who donated the high-quality Pabst Blue Ribbon, but the slugs love it! We have since tried some Coors Light and it works but not nearly as well as the PBR.  At least it's good for something!

Fill as close to the top of the cup as possible and wait...

After a few days you have a cup full of scummy beer and dead slugs.  Emptying the cups is definitely one of the grossest garden tasks to date, but well worth it to get rid of the slugs.

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