Monday, June 17, 2013

A Snake in the Grass (or Epic Fail)

This spring we had a rabbit make a nest and have baby bunnies in one of the raised beds INSIDE of our garden fence.  I was convinced that they were going to eat everything I planted since it was pretty clear that the mother rabbit was already doing some damage around the yard.  After a weekend at the shore re-plumbing the house Kyle and Andy came home and inspected the nest (luckily I wasn't home).  When Kyle inspected the nest they all jumped out and ran around the garden.  After attempts to capture them all and return them to the nest, one bunny squealed and they all jumped ship for a second time.  I think some of them many have stayed in the nest for a few more days but by the following weekend the nest was abandoned and we covered the small gap in the fence where they were getting in.  I figured plants inside the garden were safe but anything outside of the fence was going to be rabbit food. 

I am trying to maximize the veggies we grow that are protected inside the fence so I figured I would take a risk and plant an herb garden just outside the garden fence.

See the tiny green stem in the foreground?  This used to be one of three beautiful, yellow cosmos that the rabbits destroyed. My mom read in a garden magazine about a woman that put fake snakes in her garden to keep the rabbits away. A few days later we made a special trip to the fake snake store Dollar Tree a bought five plastic snakes. 

I managed to give Andy a good scare but the rabbits don't seem to be bothered.  They have now eaten all of my cosmos, most of my cilantro, and some of my parsley.  They seem to stay away from thyme, rosemary, and dill.  We will have to call the fake snake experiment of 2013 a failure.  But I'm leaving the snakes there!

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