Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little Trimming

We have a dogwood tree out back that we never really liked.  It's not a bad tree but it doesn't get enough sun to get more than a few blooms, it had been neglected for several years before we bought the house, and now it has scale.  It could have just used a trim but we have started to work on some plans for the backyard and decided that it just needed to go.  Plus, Andy loves any excuse to use his chainsaw.

Andy had to cut a replacement piling top for the shore so he was excited to get working.

Then he got right to cutting down the largest branches.

The tree got smaller...

And smaller.

Until there was just the main trunk left.



He had to dig out around the stump to cut as much as possible.

And in about an hour we had one less tree and lots of bundles of branches for the yard waste pick-up in a few weeks.

Now we just need some grass.  

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