Monday, February 7, 2011

Projects 1, 2 and 3

Project 1: Paint Basement Floor

We completed our very first project the day after we settled on the house.  The basement floor was painted grey many years ago and in need of a touch up.  The previous owner also had a french drain installed around the perimeter of the basement before we settled and the new concrete they placed was unsealed.  A friend recommended that we paint before we move or it would never get done and so we did.  Thanks DG for the great tip on timing and product!

Until recently when we got most of the boxes unpacked I told Andy that the basement was my favorite room in the house.

I highly recommend this project if your basement floor is in need of a facelift -- it was the best $100 project we did so far.




Project 2:  New Dishwasher

The old dishwasher was from the 80s and literally leaked through the sub-floor and into the basement and was connected to the drain via a garden hose.  

We can't take credit for doing any work on this project, but the new dishwasher was a great addition.

Kodak thought he needed to be in the picture.  The dishwasher is a KitchenAid model and we love it.

Project 3: New Heat Pump 

Again, we can't really take credit for doing the work, but it was another major improvement in the first week we lived here.  The house was retrofitted for air conditioning but the unit was in disrepair and had exceeded a reasonable lifespan.  We wanted to take advantage of the electric provider rebate and tax credit so the unit had to be installed in 2010.  We currently have hot water baseboard heat and an oil burner but it came highly recommended that we consider installing a heat pump so that we would have electric heat as a backup.  I don't have any good pictures of the system but it came with a wonderful new thermostat and compared to the dinosaur that it's beside you can see that it was a huge improvement.  We still use the old one for the baseboard heat, but that analog clock isn't long for this world.  

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