Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Water problems and a few random pics

Since we moved in we have had some serious water problems.  We noticed low water pressure and inconsistent hot water the first day.  The low pressure is annoying but the inconsistent hot water made us both miserable.  In the middle of winter we had to take showers using only hot water and even then you would go from scalding hot for an instant to freezing cold for the rest of the shower.  I was a miserable human being to be around after a shower like that -- it's a good thing I have to drive over an hour to work becuase at least by the time I got there I was worth being around.  After tons of research and two plumbers we decided to take the domestic hot water off the boiler and install a free-standing hot water heater.  Thanks to some assistance from KCM we were able to get a great deal on a new type of hybrid hot water heater from GE that uses a combination of heat pump and electric and uses about 50% less electricity than a standard hot water heater (about $300/year).  Click here to see the website.  A plumber came last week to help Andy hook it up and we were both able to enjoy nice hot showers for the first time since we moved in!

 Prepping for installation.

 Newly installed hot water heater.


We also set up a growing lamp in the basement and started some seeds in the hopes of having a vegetable garden this summer.  

 Grow, seeds, grow!

 Now we just need to get rid of our not so friendly or afraid live-in deer or I'm afraid our garden will be gone before it ever gets started.  They sleep in our yard, eat everything in sight, and don't even leave when we take Kodak out.  Two of them even stomped and snorted at me when I tried to scare them away.  They won -- I was scared.

We were able to get a chimey sweep to come clean and inspect the chimneys. Andy got a new axe for his birthday, so he chopped some wood and made our first fire.

 Lumberjack Davison

Here are a few more recent pics of the house.  We really are getting things unpacked.

 Living room.

 Bookcase in living room.

 Dining room.

 Family room.  Eventually the wood paneling and beams will go, but it's pretty far down the list.  We don't spend much time in this room.

Guest bedroom (officially open for visitors).  We'll try to get rid of the tennis racket border first!

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  1. Lion urine has been known to work with deer...or a gun