Sunday, March 20, 2011

Demo complete

After several days of work and many dusty surfaces later the demo of the master bathroom and closet is complete.  The demo work took almost one week exactly from start to finish and produced literally close to a ton of garbage (filling over 30 contractor grade garbage bags) that is still in our backyard waiting for trash day.  It will take us about a month to get rid of everything.

 A sledge hammer, a crow bar, a sweat covered shirt that says "The Kingdom" ???, and a wonderful mask equals one happy Andy.

 After the last post all that remained in the old bathroom was the tile shower and flooring.  

 Getting the floor and walls out was by far the worst part.  As you can see they were both about 2" thick and complete with expanded metal lath.  Andy gets all of the credit for this miserable job.

Nails popping out of the drywall in the hall.  The side effect of taking a sledge hammer to a tile shower on the inside on a non-load bearing 2x3 wall.  A necessary evil, but still not the most exciting thing to see when you walk out of the bedroom.

Closet demo.

 Having fun kicking holes in the drywall. How often do you get to say that?!?

Standing in the old master bathroom and looking into the old closest.  

Old master bathroom.  Cleaned and ready for some new plumbing.

We are well on our way to selecting all of the new bathroom fixtures and colors. I've included some pictures of the cabinets and counter top.  The floor and shower tiles are still being decided, but the one in the picture gives you an idea of what we're leaning toward.

 Cabinet door.

 Counter top.

 Possible floor tile.

 All three together.

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