Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More work on the bathroom, a few crazy deer, and some relaxation in between

I've been slow to update the blog because there really isn't much to look at right now.  We ordered the cabinets and the counters, bought the floor tile, decided on the tile for the shower, bought the faucets and the doors for the new closet.  We've been busy -- but mostly with the planning.

Andy did work on exposing the plumbing so that the baseboard heaters can be re-routed, new plumbing can be added for the second sink and we can reconfigure the plumbing for the tub.

 Removing the sub-floor.

 Removing ceiling tiles in the family room to expose the plumbing for the heaters.

 Removed the old closet door and framed out for new drywall (the paper is just a temporary cover to keep some of the dust out of the bedroom).

 Old closet door that will become a wall.

 Removed the old bathroom door to prepare for new door installation (the new door needs to swing the opposite direction).

We're also continuing to work on getting a garden started.  We continue to tend to the newly started plants in the basement and made some attempts at a layered "lasagna garden" in the backyard.  I wanted to add some pictures of the garden, but we got snow the day I took the pictures.  We still need to install the deer fence before we move any plants outside.  As you can see the deer are as brave (and stupid) as ever.

 Somewhere under all of that snow is a garden.

 Tomato plants are doing well.  Hopefully that continues and I don't figure out how to kill them.

 Cabbage, peppers, and a few miscellaneous.

 This was between 5:30 and 6 pm.  I came downstairs from work to feed Kodak and there they were right in the middle of the backyard.

 Looking right at the camera.

We also delayed our housework for a few special occasions. Our favorite nephew turned 2 and we traveled home for his birthday party.  We also attended the Best Buddies Friendship Walk in NYC to support our wonderful friends and a great cause.
 New drum set!  

Festival after the walk.

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