Monday, April 25, 2011

Pumping iron...Cast iron

The tub was delivered last week.  It's a lovely cast iron tub from Kohler that we bought online.  It's wider than a standard bath tub and fits perfectly into the space where we took the shower out.  The problem is that the delivery company would only bring it into the garage and it weighs 470 pounds!!  Andy recruited MS for some assistance with the heavy lifting and he also did some online research on "how to get a cast iron bathtub upstairs".  We rented an appliance dolly and promised MS a home cooked meal as a trade for some physical labor.  But before we could eat dinner or move the tub there was some wood chopping to do.  In hindsight we probably should have moved the tub first, but it all worked out in the end.

Chopping stance.

Had to provide the proof.

Look close -- they're still smiling. 

Test lift.  

After a few trails of up one step, down one step it was time for a new strategy.  

Made it! (almost)   Giant thanks to MS.  He got stuck with most of the lifting and was still able to smile at the top.  Plus, there were promises of Andy's famous Bananas Foster for dessert.

Final doorway maneuvering.

It's a least in the right room of the house but it's not in the correct position yet.  Because it is such a perfect fit there is very little wiggle room.  Andy needs to remove some plumbing before the tub can be positioned in it's final home.

I can always tell what Andy was working on because the installation instructions get stapled up around the room.  Just in case you're passing through and need to figure out how to install a cast iron bathtub.

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