Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fabric headboard

When we purchased the new bed we looked at headboard options.  We really prefer not to have a footboard and we liked pictures of some fabric headboards we saw online.  We did some research, found a few DIY tutorials and decided we would attempt to make one ourselves.  It took me awhile to collect all of the layers becuase the foam and upholstery fabric were expensive and I had to wait for each to go on sale. 

Andy made the frame with 2x4s and a sheet of OSB then we used spray glue to attach the foam, added a layer of batting, a layer of liner material (I used a queen flat bedsheet because it was cheaper and I needed the width), and then topped with the upholstery fabric.  Andy bought a compressor before we moved anticipating all of the renovations so we used the pneumatic stapler to attach the layers.  The final product was heavier than I expected and we still have to bolt it to the bed frame, but it was complete enough to put in place.  After a few months of having a blank wall behind the bed we had to get used to the new headboard, but we are both pleased with the end result.

 Back of frame.

 Attaching the foam and allowing the glue to set.

Final Product!

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