Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Curtains and Paint

I've decided that the two things that make the biggest change in a room are curtains and paint.  Unfortunately, we are a little too early in the renovation process to do much painting, but we were able to add some new curtains and at least start planning for a painting project.

In the guest bedroom we took down the tennis racket border, hung some pictures from out bedroom at the townhouse and added some new brown curtains.   

 I will not miss this.

Good-bye tennis rackets and hello new artwork!

New curtains.

We also added some new curtains in the dining room.  They don't block my view of our shirtless neighbor blowing his leaves in our yard, but they still look nice.

I haven't hemmed them yet -- that's a task that I seem to put-off when it comes to curtains.  I don't mind the way they look but I tend to suck them up in the vacuum cleaner and then spend several seconds fighting with Dyson before I think to turn it off.  

Our laundry room looks something like this.  I don't know if there wasn't enough of just green paint or yellow paint when these cabinets got painted or maybe we had a Green Bay Packers fan, but either way they drive me CRAZY!   The laundry room is about the only room that I can paint right now so I scored some new paint during a recent Sherwin Williams sale. 

 This was one of the first visits to the house last year.

 I decided on the gray color on the right for the walls and the cabinets and trim will be white.  We will probably replace the utility sink and backsplash, but for now everything else will stay the same.

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