Friday, October 28, 2011

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

No, not the Steelers, and no, not the recently popular song.  I'm talking about Cool or Creepy: Part 3.

And this "friendly" spider we found out front.  Or actually my mom found when they were down helping with some more landscaping.  I had seen it a few days before and took a bad cell phone picture.  When I went back with the good camera it was gone.  

Apparently it's a Black and Yellow Argiope -- a friendly garden spider that likes to stay in one place which is why we found it back in the same place just a few days later.

I'll vote cool on this one since we like any type of insect/arachnid that is beneficial to the garden.  BUT, it can only stay on my cool list as long as it stays outside.  This is one scary looking spider!  Did you see those hairy legs?!?  Maybe it came to visit for Halloween.

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