Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Beast

Last weekend's snowfall caused some significant tree damage in our backyard in addition to an almost 48 hour power outage.  We had a festival of damage: huge branches, trees that broke in half, trees that uprooted, and more fence damage.  I know the hurricane and this freak October snowfall are both extremely rare events, but we're sick of the clean-up and are starting to think that our fence installation is cursed.  

Large tree missing the whole top half.

More trees missing their tops.

Uprooted tree.

Fence damage from another tree on the water company property.

Large branch.

We borrowed a chipper shredder from my dad.  This thing is a BEAST (aka Eats Trees for Breakfast).  We spent the day collecting branches and putting them through the chipper.  Andy worked the larger branches and I worked from the other side feeding smaller branches into the hopper.  Yes, that is a step stool.  I needed it reach the hopper.
Getting smaller.

And smaller.

We also spent some time this morning removing all of the old plants from the garden.  We wanted to use the mulch from the chipper shredder to cover the walkways.  

Spreading all of the new mulch.

Just to prove that I really do work since I'm always taking pictures of Andy.

All of the walkways covered.

Some leaf mulch on the actual beds and the garden is ready for winter.

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