Thursday, November 17, 2011

Other Weekend Happenings

Weekend project No. 1:

After working in the yard most of the day Saturday we made an exciting Saturday evening trip to Lowe's. The employees at Lowe's have started to recognize us.  I guess they've seen me looking through tile and grout, tile and grout, tile and grout, over and over enough while Andy is hanging out in the much less exciting plumbing and electric aisles (at least I find them less exciting) that I've become a familiar face.  As long as they don't start running the other way when they see us coming I guess we're okay.  We had a huge list of items to buy which included drywall for the new wall at the top of the steps.  In the interest of not having to store the full sheets of drywall overnight Andy got right to work measuring and hanging the new drywall.

It's definitely starting to look like a wall.  We still need to trim out the top and bottom, but that will have to wait until all of the other drywall is hung and we can hire someone to come and finish it.

We started Sunday with some delicious flax seed pancakes.  At least the stove works even though the burners are extra close together.  It's not nearly as bad as our oven that doesn't heat to the right temperate and causes things in the back to burn.

And then Andy was able to start Weekend Project #2:  New closest and re-route more baseboard heat.

Since we gave up a closet for the master bathroom expansion we need to add closet space to the master bedroom.  There is an existing closet on the right side of this picture (doors removed) and while it's a large closet it isn't a very effective use of the space.  We decided to frame out new closets on either side of the window.  The one on the left (partially framed) will be a square and we will make an identical space on the right that ties in the the existing closet making an "L" shaped walk-in closet.  I moved my stuff into other closets several months ago, but Andy has been using the remaining master bedroom closet.  We put this part of the renovation off for a long as possible because it creates a closet/clothes storage nightmare.  We have stuff everywhere!

Here is the first step to re-routing the baseboard heat.  That's a large section of pipe that he removed.

More baseboards removed.

And into the closet to remove the existing wall. This was a first real renovation hurdle.  Once Andy got the drywall removed we noticed the header across the top of the closet.  Whomp, whomp, whomp. We are not planning to start messing with any structural elements of the house and we don't want to hire someone to do the work either.  This just means that the little wall to the left of the picture will remain along with the header.  No big deal -- just means Andy didn't really have to remove all of the drywall.

Weekend Project #3: Yard work and finish a new flower bed.

I spent most of the weekend outside collecting leaves and getting a few more things ready for the winter.  This included finishing a flower bed that my parents helped to plant a few weeks ago.  They spent a day planting some liriope around the mailbox and some Little Henry Iteas along the back.  Andy and I had one more Little Henry to plant because of a large rock that needed to be removed and then the bed needed some mulch.  We used The Beast to chop up some of our massive piles of leaves and spread them around the flowers.  We tried this instead of newspaper on the bed because 1) there wasn't a ton of grass left to kill just in case it doesn't work and 2) we have oodles of leaves.

Here is the bed with the leaf mulch.

And here it is with a final layer of pine bark mulch nuggets.

What good is all that work collecting leaves (the pile was a tall as me) if you can't play in them??  We took a break from working and even Kodak thought it was a blast.

So I leave you with the FLYING SQUIRREL!  (aka Andy)

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  1. Hey,

    So just a note.. just because there is a header over that opening doesn't necessarily mean it is a load bearing wall. Back in the day framers/architects used to put headers over every door and window whether or not it was running with or across the ceiling joists. If you go up in your attic or punch out a little drywall above the header you can tell which way the joists are running... if you can't get at it that way.. another idea is see which way your roof slopes... if you roof slopes the same direction as this wall, it probably isn't load bearing. If your roof slopes perpendicular to this wall, it probably is load bearing. Thats also assuming its a standard gable roof and not a hip roof.