Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All this for a shower curtain!

Since we've been using the upstairs hall bathroom as our one and only full bathroom we've noticed some significant problems with its function.  Just like all of our bathrooms it has no ceiling fan, it has glass sliding doors on the tub instead of a shower curtain, and some really ugly wallpaper (just my personal opinion).  Some people really prefer the glass doors to a shower curtain, but these are the old style doors with a track at the bottom and it is impossible to keep clean. 

The thought process went something like this:  Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of these doors?  Yes, but that would make the shower a little too dark.  OK, but we need a ceiling fan in here anyway, why don't we install and fan/light combo like the one Kyle Wise installed and then vent it through the roof with the new fan in the master bathroom.  Sounds simple, right?

Andy and I were having the same thoughts about the doors, so down they came.

The last day for the doors.  Ignore the red towels -- we're of the mindset that we should just use what we have, plus it's my plan to eventually get rid of that wallpaper and having towels that clash is just good motivation.

We didn't expect and certainly weren't planning on having to repair the tile, but the frame for the glass doors was secured with some crazy strong double sided tape.  At least the tiles weren't damaged and Andy was able to get them all cleaned off.

Replacing the tiles.

With the doors down Andy started to work on the ceiling fan.  Here the drywall is cut out for the new fan.

New fan/light combo and shower curtain.

It just looks like a recessed light, but it's a serious fan.  No more steaming the wallpaper off the walls from the shower.
There were two switches in this bathroom before we started the renovations.  One switch controlled a light in the ceiling and the other controlled the light over the vanity.  We found that we always turned them on at the same time so we didn't compromise any function to combine those two lights on the same switch and use the remaining switch to control the new fan and light in the shower.  This new switch plate replaced the previous one that was covered with wallpaper.  I consider even a reduction of a few square inches of pink and blue flowered wallpaper a success.  

Because it was a small area to repair and we eventually plan to replace the tile when we renovate this bathroom we just needed a quick, but complete fix. Since the existing tile and grout are white this adhesive and grout combo served the purpose.

Finally finished the grout.  SEE -- all of that just for a shower curtain!

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