Friday, December 16, 2011

This thing sucks

We have the ceiling in the downstairs powder room removed to work on the plumbing for the new bathtub.  While the space from the powder room ceiling to the attic was exposed we took the opportunity to add a new ceiling fan. This little thing moves some serious air!

While he was working Andy noticed that there was no outlet in the powder room.  Neither of us had noticed that we were without an outlet for almost the entire first year we lived here, but we still thought it would be a good idea to add one.  We figured just one outlet would be sufficient so we kept the light on the existing switch, added the outlet, and a new switch for the fan on a double wall plate.

I love this picture.  It looks like we cloned Andy -- too bad we don't get twice as much done.

And again we have another picture without all of the screws lined up properly.  I promise I'll get these fixed before I take any more photos.

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