Monday, December 12, 2011

Framing is....DONE

This bathroom project turned half house renovation had a lot of framing work for Andy.  He had to frame a wall behind the new bathtub, close off an old closet door location, frame out a half wall at the top of the steps, and FINALLY frame out the new closets in the master bedroom.  That project started a few weeks ago with the rerouting of some baseboard heaters and last week he was able to get the walls in place.  Now we can get serious with some drywall!

The start of two new closet.

This is the one on the left side of the above picture and will be the smaller of the two.

This is the closet on the right that is "L" shaped.  You enter through the new part beside the window.

Walk through part of the opening for the old bi-fold doors.

And this is the "L" shaped part to the right.

Now I just need to finish planning out the storage in these closets.  We obviously want some hanging racks, but we also want shelves, good shoe storage, and some cube type storage areas that aren't the wire rack options that are most popular.  This has been the most difficult part of the whole process for me becuase it's hard to visualize.  Some of the products have design websites but none of them work for the "L" shaped space.  Now that the space is framed out I hope it is a little easier to finish the planning.

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