Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Electric -- Boogie Woogie Woogie

Over the summer I bought some new light fixtures at a tent sale.  Until this past weekend we had only hung 1 of the 5, but this past weekend we were able to hang 3 of the 4 remaining lights and just yesterday Andy hung the last one.

First was the front porch light.  This was supposed to be an easy job to start off the weekend and it ended with an 8am trip to Home Depot followed by another trip to Lowe's that evening so the project could be finished on Sunday.  Remember -- there are no small projects!

The old light.

New light installed after the first trip to Home Depot.  The problem was that the original light did not have an electrical box and the new fixture didn't sit flush with the brick.

After the second trip to Lowe's we got a plate to sit between the brick and the light to act as a box and allow the light to fit secure and flush with the wall.  It's not ideal, but we really don't mind the look.

Then Andy moved to the laundry room in the hopes of finding a project that could be completed without two separate trips to Lowe's.

The original light.  Shortly after this picture was taken the glass cover came crashing to the ground and shattered into a million tiny little pieces.  No small projects!

At least the new light is a great improvement.  The room still obviously needs painted but that will probably happen after the holidays when I can devote an entire weekend to prepping and painting.   

And finally we moved to the kitchen...

This lovely light was hanging over the area of the kitchen table.  It was awkwardly low and when we moved in we used a zip tie to shorten the chain and move the light to the ceiling and we never lowered it.  We hardly ever use the light and the placement is still a little odd, but we figured we could replace it now with the thought that we may be able to reuse the new fixture in a different location when we get to remodeling the kitchen.

Still not the perfect location, but a big improvement and it's not nearly as low as the old one.

After the weekend we had one more light to replace in the kitchen, but when we pulled the light out of the box there were a few areas of chipped paint.  Nothing a little spray paint can't fix, but it's took a few days to finish the painting because I thought I could use paint that I had, but I ran out.

 The old kitchen light.

And the new fixture.  It's the same fixture as the one we hung in the laundry room, but just painted.

And with that in place we have officially added ceiling fans and lights in three of the bedrooms and replaced all of the other light fixtures in the house except for the powder room vanity light, upstair hall bathroom lights, and the dining room lights.

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