Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reducing the Ugly

Do you have anything in your house/apartment that you hate but for some reason you have looked at it long enough that you really don't notice it everyday?  And then one day you look up remember the ugliness.  We have a list of these items too long for this blog but one thing on that list is the blinds in the family room.

It doesn't help that the room is entirely wood paneling and we have no ceiling which for some reason makes me see the blinds even more.

Here they are above the windows beside the backdoor.

And at the front of the house...

They are a nice combination of wood and fabric that is old and brittle and we've been afraid to put them down the entire way for fear of never getting them back up.

It was finally time to take them down and hang some simple white blinds. We have a long way to go to lighten up this room but these new blinds already help.  One ugly thing off the list -- 999,945 to go!

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