Friday, January 13, 2012

Brightening Up the Cave

This is what our family room looked like when we bought the house.  It's a very dark room with the wood paneling and no overhead lights.  


 When we took down the family room ceiling to re-route some baseboard heaters for the new closets in the master bedroom directly above we decided that it would be a good time to add some overhead lighting.  Andy also decided to add a new circuit for this lighting and the lighting/outlets that we added to the new closets upstairs.  Since this room sits on a slab and there is no basement below it Andy had to run wiring from the panel on the opposite side of the basement, up through the first floor powder room and then the length of the family room.  

We decided to place 10 lights in 2 lines running the length of the room.  We marked the locations of the lights on the wall (we plan to eventually paint the panelling).

Our family room is a long, skinny space with three doorways (one from the laundry room and garage, one from the kitchen, and one from the front foyer and stairs).  We use all three entrances frequently and want the ability to turn the lights on a each location.  This space used to be a family room with a small den/office at the front of the house.  Since we moved in we've been discussing adding this wall back to separate part of the space as an office.  This change won't be happening any time soon, but we needed to make sure that the light and switch locations wouldn't be a problem if we decide to add a wall.  With three switches Andy had to run wiring for a 4-way switch.

The lights that we purchased will be installed after the drywall goes up so Andy ran the wiring to each light location.

We can't wait for the drywall to go up so that we can get the lights up and working.

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