Friday, January 20, 2012

A Dirty Little Secret

Our house has three zones for heating which means we have three thermostats.  The three zones are great, but I find that I turn one up during the day or the other one down at night and then forget the change them before I leave the house or go to bed.  The two thermostats downstairs were the old analog style thermostats and they are not very accurate.  This is the one in the family room.

We replaced these thermostats with digital models that we can set up to change automatically.  This is the new thermostat in the family room.

And this one in the dining room.  But do you see the little green and orange dots just below the gray screen on the right?

One of our house's dirty little secrets.  The previous owner painted over some lovely wallpaper in the dining room.  We knew this when we bought the house and I am honestly glad it was painted because it makes the living space a little more tolerable while we work on bigger projects like the bathroom.  But now I have this little surprise peaking out at me when I look at the thermostat and no paint to paint over it with.   

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