Sunday, January 22, 2012

Final Preparation for Drywall

On Thursday we had a load of drywall delivered to the house and placed in the garage, but before we could hang it there were a few odds and ends that we needed to take care of.  One of them was this beam in the family room.  There is a load bearing beam near the front of the room that supports the master bedroom wall above.  The beam was hacked at by the previous owner to make room to fit the lovely styrafoam beam around it.  With some of the lower beam removed there was no good way to attach the new drywall.  Andy screwed in the temporary side pieces as a way to center and support the new 2x6 that we attached to create a place to attach the drywall.  

With the 2x6 in place we had a nice square beam to attach drywall to.

We also had to finish installing the rest of the insulation along the exterior wall between the family room and garage.

Upstairs in the master bathroom we wanted to get the backer board in place around the bathtub so that we new the exact dimension of the new drywall.  First, Andy installed the plastic barrier.

And then he attached the backer board.

I don't have a good final picture because there are still a few pieces left to install, but we got enough in place for the drywall.

With those things done we were ready to hang drywall (it took us almost 3 whole days to hang the drywall this weekend, but it's just about done -- more pictures to follow soon).

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