Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Planning, Planning, and More Planning

We're still chugging along with the bathroom renovations.  Even though we haven't made a ton of visible improvements in the past few weeks we have been doing a ton of planning when it comes to tiling the tub surround.  We plan to add some wall niches to hold soap, shampoo, etc., but they definitely create some planning nightmares when it comes to making sure that the tiles line up nicely and that we don't have any skinny rows of tile directly above or below the openings.  We're both very visual learners so we had to layout the tile in the basement to see how everything would come together.  If you look down the length of work bench it's like looking up the wall -- you can see where the niches will be located.

We marked the wallboard thickness...

And start of the tub...

And with a little vernier caliper action were able to finally decide on a layout.

And after all that planning it took just a few short minutes to install the niches.

Part of the planning delay was deciding how we want to finish the niches.  We looked at some bullnose tiles around the sides and bottom with some mosaic tile in the back, but I wasn't sold on the finished look and Andy wasn't sold on the installation.  After a little research I made a trip to a nearby Tile Shop and found this idea.  We both like the look -- we will have similar tile on the sides and bottom with the pencil tiles to frame the niches.  The mosaic tile we chose for the back is a little different.  

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