Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Most Time Intensive and the Most Rewarding

This is a long post (consider yourself warned!).  Browsing the pictures will give all of the info you need if you don't want to bother with the words. Let's start with the best part (it's like eating dessert before dinner!!)

What's that?  Some mosaic tile?

In a niche?

And there are three of them?
In this wonderful, new shower? (PS -- I think I might sleep in the tub tonight considering it's now my favorite part of the house)

Let's go back to the beginning.  
We borrowed a tile saw from Kyle Wise becuase this project required some very detailed cuts and the pencil tiles had to be mitered around the edges of the niches.  This thing is a beast!

Andy installed temporary boards around the tub, just below the first full tile so that we had a level edge to install the tiles along.

We taped up the first row to make sure everything lined up the way we wanted it to.

There were a lot of cuts...

Andy had to install the tile around the edges of the niches before he finished the tile on the back wall.

Installing the mosaic tile and pencil tile was tedious and at times uncomfortable...

All of the tiles in place and waiting for grout.

All grouted!  We just need to seal the grout and then it will be ready to go!

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