Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Memorial Day Weekend Explosion

This post is about an explosion.  Not the awkward gastrointestinal kind and not the 4th of July fireworks kind, but the regular old garden variety kind.

A holiday weekend of exceptionally warm weather made the tomatoes look like they doubled in size.  Most of them have blossoms and I spotted a few tiny tomatoes on the ones at the back of the bed that were in the teepees.

We are having trouble with slugs and earwigs completely destroying plants.  They stripped a few marigolds, killed a cucumber and a zucchini plant and did some serious damage to my first planting of Provider green beans (apparently a good early variety -- we'll see if they recover).

Behind the beans are cabbage and broccoli.  Neither liked the warm weather and I actually had to cut the broccoli earlier than I would have liked because it looked like it was going to bolt.

The snow peas seem to be very happy and are full of pretty pink and purple blossoms.  We have tiny peas starting to develop so hopefully we'll be eating snow peas for dinner very soon.

This is the shady bed where I had trouble getting things to grow last year.  It has become 100% experimental and I just throw in anything extra that I have.  Right now, a few spinach plants that started from seed, some dill, a few leftover lettuce seedlings and some kohlrabi. 

The only thing that did well in this bed other than impatiens were leeks (correction -- 1 leek) that looked pretty sorry last fall but did well over the winter and early this spring.  I figured I would try some more this year.

Some peppers, eggplant, and squash.

A small harvest of lettuce, broccoli, and snow peas.  I'm afraid the lettuce plants aren't going to last much longer.
And I managed to get in another planting of beans.  This time, Royal Burgundy.  I'm excited to see how they do.

Kodak was so tired from a long weekend of swimming at the shore and the heat that he took a nap in the backyard.  He never does this.

I was just annoying him with the camera.

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