Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fully Functional

I'm behind on my blog updates.  Hopefully I'll get up-to-speed this week.  

Two weeks ago we had a full weekend at home and were able to get the new master bathroom fully functional.  Andy prepared the tub and tile for caulk.

We picked a slightly darker grout so we didn't want white or almond caulk because it would have been too light.  Andy put the silicone caulk in a ziploc bag.

Added some dry grout and mixed until it matched the grout.

Then he cut off the tip of the bag an applied the caulk.

Almost ready.  Once the caulk was dry I was able to scrub the tub and tile to get it ready to be sealed.

Nice match!

Then I applied three coats of grout sealer.  It had to dry for 24 hours but was ready the next evening for Andy's first shower in the new bathroom.

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