Monday, June 18, 2012

Clamps Required

After we got all of the cabinets upstairs we realized that we needed a little assistance getting them all set, attached to the wall, and level.  We checked the floors and walls for level several times during the renovation, but the length and height of the vanity really highlighted some of the imperfections of our older home. Enter Kyle Wise and his amazing cabinet clamps.  These magical inventions allowed us to clamp all of the cabinets together and attach them to each other with screws.

While the cabinets were clamped together Andy was able to mark and repair one of our cabinet flaws.  The area below with the red pencil highlights the gap between the vanity top and the linen cabinet.  This gap was the reason Home Depot reordered the linen cabinet 3 times and would have ordered it a 4th time if we hadn't asked some more questions.  

This may seem minor, but we made sure to ask when we ordered the cabinets that the edge of the linen cabinet would be completely flush so that the vanity top would be completely flush with the side of the cabinet.  The order was for a flush side, but apparently this 1/8" offset is what the manufacturer considers flush.

Andy was able to practice on one of the reordered cabinets we have leftover in the basement and he created a jig to use with his router to remove a portion of the cabinet so that the vanity top would be flush with the cabinet.

Before Andy screwed the cabinets together he installed this EZ level system on the bottom of each cabinet instead of using shims.

Each system is installed to the side of cabinet and has a separate leveling system for the front and back of the cabinet so that you can level each corner independently.

With the linen cabinet routed and the leveling system installed it was time to attach the cabinets to each other and attach the whole system to the wall.

Nice and level! Andy glued the counter tops to the cabinets, installed the backsplashes and connected all of the plumbing so the sinks are fully functional.

With the overhang on the linen cabinet removed the vanity tops fit perfectly flush with the cabinet.

And the last critical element for the vanity was installing the knobs.

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