Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Prep Work

Before we could start the priming and painting there were a few more things we wanted to fix in the family room.  Because we are ultimately going to paint the paneling we decided to paint the riser of the step going into the front hallway.  The vent was glued to the wood and goes nowhere.  If fact, it was covered with insulation at the bottom of the basement step, so it was most definitely not active.

Andy removed the small piece of duct work so we were left with a giant hole.

Here it is with the new riser installed.

The second prepwork project was to replace the corner moulding around the door leading into the kitchen with casing to match the other doors in the room.

It wasn't as simple as standard casing because we had to cover the transition between the drywall and paneling.

Andy measured and cut out the area at the top of the step to accommodate the larger trim.

With the new trim in place we are finally ready to prime and paint!

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