Friday, March 22, 2013

Painting Cracks

With the fireplace doors removed and all of the brick cleaned it was time to start priming the fireplace and walls.  The whole process took a lot longer than we had planned because we had to paint every single crack between the bricks and all of the paneling.
We used a very nappy roller for textured surfaces on the brick.  This may or may not have happened.

This also may or may not have happened.  We call it painter's crack and I did NOT paint this crack.

We also had two helpers for the entire project (Kodak and Fozzie who was visiting for a few weeks).

We were so excited to paint over the brick but this was most definitely the point of no return.

Andy used the roller and I followed behind with a brush to fill in all of the cracks.

Once the fireplace was done we started priming the paneling.

We were so happy with the white walls we weren't sure if we could paint it!

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