Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Doors Optional

The house had a mix of interior doors when we bought it.  Some 6-panel doors downstairs and these flat doors upstairs.

For about a year after we bought the house we debated buying all new interiors doors or just replacing all of the doors upstairs to 6-panel doors.  Although there are a ton of awesome door styles available we decided to stick with the 6-panel door.  Lowe's runs a promotion every few months where they offer a free upgrade to a solid core door (instead of the standard hollow doors) which is about a $30 savings per door.  We took all of the measurements, waited for the sale, and ordered 7 new doors.  We were told that the doors would be easy to hang by routing out the locations of the existing hinges and drilling a new hole for the door knob. 

RIGHT! This was NOT an easy job (which is probably why I don't have any pictures of the process)!.  It consisted of tons of measuring, routing, drilling, carry doors (remember the solid core = heavy door) up 2 flights of stairs and then back down to the basement, painting doors, and installing new hardware.  It was a worthwhile improvement but I know Andy had many moments when he wished we would have bought all new pre-hung doors and just installed all new doors, jams, and trim.  That would have been a lot of work too, just maybe not as tedious. 

 All new Baldwin brass knobs...

Ignore the old brass handle on the metal bi-fold door.  This is in the spare bedroom and someday those doors will be replaced.

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