Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mulch Extravaganza

When we left the front flower bed in June it looked something like this...

It was a pain to mow the lawn around all of the partial bed areas so Andy and I decided that we were going to order the rest of the mulch we needed to finish the bed.  We've had some extremely hot weather so we figured it was a good time to get the mulch in place now and then come back and plant some more in the late summer and fall.  We went to Home Depot and placed an order for 250 BAGS of mulch to be delivered to the house.  No more 20 bags at a time in the back of the car!

The mulch was delivered on a flatbed tractor trailer and the the delivery man brought all 4 pallets into the yard and placed them in areas where we needed to mulch.

THAT'S A TON OF MULCH! It sat in our yard overnight and I'm sure that our neighbors just drove by and laughed at us.

SD came down the next morning and we got to work. 
Step 1: A layer of old newspapers.

Step 2: Wet the papers to weight them down.

Step 3: A layer of leaf mulch from the compost pile.  (NOTE TO ANDY: avoid bees' nests!  He managed to disturb one and got stung 4 times! In some less than desirable locations)

Step 4: MULCH!

And we had a few obstacles to work around like another bees' nest in the yard that the wasp and hornet spray failed to kill the night before.

A dog that "helped" for about an hour.

And an interesting moth.

But we continued on after lunch.  More newspaper, bags, or even cardboard, leaves, and mulch.

It was hot and sweaty.

But we finally got it done and we only had about 15 extra bags leftover. Now it's easier to mow around and ready for more plants when the weather cools down.


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