Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Garden Update 2013

We are currently attempting our third year of vegetable gardening.  Year 2 was more successful than year 1 so we have hopes that this year will be even better.  We are learning what we can grow and what we can't, so hopefully we'll make better use of the space.

Back in April I planted two tomato plants in the tomato teepees.  These helped give us earlier tomatoes last year so it was worth trying them again even though I planted them later this year because of the cold, wet spring.

We also had some success with snow peas again this spring, but I grew a different variety that I didn't like as well as the Dwarf Gray.  Early attempts at brussel sprouts, garlic, and onions didn't do well this year.  I had some great leaks that wintered over but I didn't pick them soon enough and they went to seed.

We had some great lettuce.

And some rainbow chard and spinach.  The chard is still going strong but the spinach bolted early.

I've given up on growing bell peppers but have success with sweet banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, and the sweet orange peppers.

We also have success with cucumbers.

I have several different types of green beans that are doing well.

And even a few purple ones.  They don't stay purple when you cook them but they are still fun to grow.

This will only be our third oriental eggplant for the year.  One of my favorites.

The tomato plants look great but we haven't picked many tomatoes. All of the paths got a new layer of mulch that we got delivered with the pine bark mulch for the front yard.

A few early ones got eaten by birds or chipmunks. But we did eat this one with some fresh mozzarella and basil.

We have a ton of green tomatoes on the vine so hopefully we will get some more.

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