Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Shore Thing

It's a sure thing that no matter how much planning goes into a project at the shore something won't work out as planned.  The house turns out to not be very level or square which adds to it's character but also to the worker's frustration.  After Andy and Kyle got the cabinets hung in May it was clear that we had an issue with the ceiling.  You can see in the photo below how the top cabinet on the left touches the ceiling but there is a significant gap on the right.  The floor and ceiling aren't level and to keep the counters and cabinets level we ended up with this gap that made the room look unfinished.  Despite Andy's wishes to take some time off from the renovations this summer he and Kyle worked up a plan to level the ceiling and add some white-washed paneling.

In July SD, LD, and I white-washed all of the boards.    

Later in July, Kyle and Ashley came back down for a long weekend. First, Andy and Kyle located all of the studs and ran level string lines.

With the lines in place it was time to start lowering the ceiling with 2x4s, 1x2s. and shims.

The ceiling looked crazy with all of the shims in place, but it was time to start hanging the paneling.  

With the ceiling placed there was no more gap! One step closer to being finished!

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