Monday, November 11, 2013

A Temporary Inconvenience

With the majority of the Phase 1 projects complete it's time to start planning for Phase 2 which will include the laundry room and powder room.  Our powder room is TINY and very dated.  About a year ago I found a copper vessel sink on clearance at Lowe's and knew that I wanted to use it in the powder room.  What we didn't know is what the base was going to look like.  The vanity it small and we don't love the position.  Andy wanted to mock up a few options so he started demolition.

We discovered several layers of wallpaper, paint and flooring.

The original base design was similar to what was there previously but without the cabinet door on the bottom. We thought it was just OK but decided to try an option that would extend left, toward the door, to provide more counter space and fill an otherwise useless space between the wall and vanity.

Andy mocked up a narrow, rectangular vanity with a rounded base under the sink.  The final top will be a bit more free-form and will transition from the flat, rectangular section to the rounded front more gradually. But the mockup was good enough for us to picture the final product and keep moving forward with the demolition.

With the room cleared out Andy removed the drywall behind the vanity.  We plan to tile this entire wall floor to ceiling so the drywall will be replaced with new backer board.  It also makes some of the plumbing and electrical work a bit easier.

With the wall out Andy got to work on the floor and discovered several levels of flooring.

And now it looks like this. We ordered our tile last week so hopefully we'll start work on the new powder room in the next few weeks.

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