Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Shore Doors

We kept the original doors from the first floor while we worked on getting the house livable but as the summer went on it was clear that the doors were in bad shape.  They were old and the water damage was causing some of the veneer to peel and crack.  We took measurements for all of the first floor doors and then we waited.  Lowe's finally ran a promotion for a free upgrade to a solid core (a savings of about $30 per door) so Andy and I stopped at Lowe's and placed an order for all new doors.  The old doors were flat slabs but we decided to go with 2-panel doors to match the hardwood doors on the second floor.

Old powder room door.

Old kitchen door.

New pre-hung doors that Andy and Kyle picked up a few weeks ago.

You know it's serious work when the Carhart bibs come out!

Shimming and leveling.

New kitchen door is already looking better.

New bedroom door that required an interesting cut at the top left corner to get the frame to fit.

Bathroom and kitchen doors.

New powder room door.

A few of the doors required some minor trimming in the bedroom for the carpet. Andy taped the edges and made the cuts.

With four new doors in place Andy still had the bi-fold doors to hang in the laundry area.

I sanded and painted the trim earlier in the weekend so that Andy could trim it to fit and rehang.

The bi-folds went in easily.

And we had a few extra knobs from our bookcase at home so they got put to good use.

While Andy worked inside I took all of the old trim outside, removed the hardware, sanded, primed and painted.  It took most of the weekend.

While Kodak barked at me to throw the ball that he wouldn't retrieve because the water was too cold.

About half of all the trim drying in the garage.

Andy had enough time to finish the edges of the white-washed ceiling with cove molding.

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