Monday, August 22, 2011

The Fence Installed

On Thursday and Friday of last week the new fence was installed.  On Thursday they laid out the locations and installed all of the posts.  They hit a lot of rock but they used an auger attachment on their mini skid steer that worked well.  All of the posts are set in concrete so they let everything sit overnight and came back on Friday to finish the fence.

 New gate location beside the garage.

 Side property line.

On Friday they spent a full day measuring and hanging the rails, installing the gates, and attaching the wire mesh.

 Exploring the perimeter.

 We had one new gate installed along the back property line.

 And a double gate on the other side of the house so that we have vehicle access if we ever need it.

 Kodak thought the fence was great until he discovered its true purpose!

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