Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Remember last week when I posted about our brand-new fence?  Well hurricane Irene apparently didn't like it and decided to drop a tree on it.  It could have been much worse -- the damage isn't too bad, no trees fell on the house (my biggest worry after the first tree fell around 10pm) and we didn't lose power for an extended period of time.  The loss of power would have been the worst because our sump pump is still running this afternoon and while the hand pump we bought as a backup worked fine, Andy and I couldn't have kept up with pumping water by hand all night.  The tree that fell wasn't even on our property.  It came from the property surrounding the water tower behind us and took out the water company fence too.  We heard it fall last night but weren't able to see what really happened until this morning. 

 We had a hard time figuring out what really happened becuase it looks like a tree split in half between the 2 fences.  The tree in the center of the picture is actually half of the tree that sheared off and stuck in the ground vertically.  It's a huge piece -- probably 20-30 feet tall and standing straight in the air. It was swaying in the wind.

And all of this after we spent Thursday night and Friday trying to board up the house at the shore and moving as much furniture to the second floor as possible because they were calling for significant flooding.

 All boarded up.

 Helping the neighbor take one of the boats out of the water.  

 Once we started moving furniture Kodak decided this was serious stuff and he should save himself first by hiding in the bathtub.

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