Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fence prep

Later this week we are having a fence installed around the backyard.  In preparation we had to finalize the layout and remove a bush.

Andy finally let me pull out a shrub using my car (yippee).  I grew up using 4-wheel drive vehicles as landscaping tools.  A little work on the roots, a good chain and someone willing to drive (me!) is all you need.  This one was an easy test.  We probably could have dug it out by hand but then we wouldn't have had any fun.
Tie rope around bush (we didn't have any chain), tie rope to car frame. 
 Pull car forward until bush pops out.  I'm sure this is not an approved use of the Pilot, but it didn't mind.

Perfect! Bye-bye prickly bush!

We also laid out the fence and gate locations with some marker paint.  Andy wanted to make sure there are no questions about what we want.
 On another outdoor note, the deer have been back -- frequently.  I saw this branch fall out of the tree Sunday evening completely full of leave.  This is what it looked like Monday evening.  They will really eat anything!

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