Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bathroom Wiring and Ceiling

Slow and steady wins the race on the master bathroom.  Andy has been working on the wiring.  We had too many lights and outlets on the current bathroom circuit and so being true to our motto "if you're going to do it,  do it right" we decided we needed to rip out the ceiling (not part of the original plan because of relocating all of the insulation in the attic) and run wiring for a new circuit to the basement.  We also needed to work quickly because we didn't want the ceiling open for an extended period of time because of running the AC. It was still very hot out when we tackled this project. 

 Wiring setup for new switch box just inside the doorway.

 This angle makes it hard to get your bearings, but imaging laying on the floor and looking up at the ceiling.  You are looking up through the bathroom ceiling, into the attic, and the plywood roof.  Adding more insulation to the attic is on the "To Do" list but we want to get as much of the wiring done as possible first.  You can see all of the new white wires running across the ceiling and down the back wall at the bottom of the photo.  These will feed the lights over the vanity and the new outlets.

New box for a ceiling fan and light.  None of the bathrooms in the house have fans and we have almost steamed the wallpaper off the walls in the guest bath in the hall, so fans are a must to help reduce the smell humidity.

With the new drywall up on the ceiling Andy was able to install the fan/light combo (toward the top of the picture) and also a small light over the bathtub. I can't say we shop for bathroom fans often so I had no idea how much better they look than the old fans that I am used to.  You can barely tell that this  is even a fan, but you can see the vents when the light is on.  Thanks to KW (home renovator extraordinaire!) for the tip on the upgraded fan/light options. The duct running down the back wall is for a new fan in the powder room downstairs.

More drywall.

New lights in the closet-to-be.

And we also put new insulation in the exterior walls.  Again, this wasn't on the original "To Do" list but what was there didn't meet code and while we had the walls and ceiling open we figured now was the time to add new insulation.  This picture was a work in progress, but the full wall is insulated today.

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  1. Just a tip... while u guys have the drywall off you should put r12 on the interior walls to deaden the sound in the adjacent rooms... especially cuz r12 is super cheap