Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fire Rated

When we bought the house and completed the walk-though with the inspector he told us that the door in the laundry room that goes out to the garage didn't meet current code.  The hollow door is not fire rated and should be replaced.  It also was very drafty.  We knew we wanted to do some work in the laundry room and also replace other doors in the house so we figured we would do it all at the same time.

After the new front door was installed last year, Andy thought he could replace the garage door himself.  The problem -- as with many things in this house -- the door is not a standard size and a custom made steel or fiberglass fire rated door was extremely expensive.  Andy took the trim down and did some investigative work from the garage to determine that we could enlarge the door opening a bit to make a standard sized door fit. The storage above the door would have to be relocated but that was a minor detail compared to the price difference between and standard and custom door.

After lots of research and discussion with the Township we finally made the decision to order a new steel fire rated (90 min) door and when it got delivered Andy was quick to get started with the demolition.

The header above the old door was non-load bearing, so Andy was able to remove it and raise it to a height that accepted the new door.

He used his handy Kreg Jig to create pocket holes/screws to attach the new header without having to remove the existing drywall.

With the new opening framed out the door went in easily.

Spray foam insulation was added around the door to make it air-tight and even though it still needed paint and trim the new door was a huge upgrade.

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