Sunday, March 16, 2014

Laundry Room Wall Warts

These next few posts aren't too exciting but I want to be able to remember everything we did last year so you'll just have to bear with me. 

As we were planning to start work on the laundry room Andy found an old dryer vent cover that he wanted to patch with drywall and so we decided it was time to start removing the rest of the old intercom system around the house.  Since he was going to be patching and drywalling he wanted to do as many rooms as possible.  He removed the old intercom in the laundry room, guest room, both offices, and upstairs hall bathroom.

Good-bye intercom!

Good-bye painted over dryer vent cover.

This is the old vent outlet in the garage.  New vents must be vented outside so this change was made before we bought the house.

Finding more apple wallpaper.

The work created a temporary hole into the garage.

Which was quickly insulated and ready for new drywall.  We hope that taking the time to do some drywall work and fix some of the existing wall warts helps make the room look more finished in the end.

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