Sunday, March 30, 2014

Powder Room Progress

When I last posted about the powder room back in November we were in the process of finalizing our plan for the renovation and finishing the demo work.  Despite my delay posting all of these updates Andy continued to work diligently on the renovation through December.

Andy wasn't a huge fan of the Ditra mat the first time we used it in the upstairs bathroom. It's a lightweight alternative to cement board and it's supposed to be much easier to work with.  We had enough leftover from the master bathroom renovation that Andy decided to try it again.  This time he has great success  -- so much so that was actually just bought more it for the upstairs hall bathroom.

We decided on a simple thin metal transition between the new tile and old vinyl in the kitchen since we don't know what that floor will be in the future.

You really should work out of the room as you tile but Andy wanted to make sure that the pieces at the transition were perfect so he worked from inside and I handed him the tiles he already had cut.

It was a multi-day process since he had to wait for the first round of tiles to set before he could finish the area under the toilet.

He also managed to paint the walls and grout the new tile (all while I was probably asleep on the couch).


The final portion of the renovation didn't happen until this January so that will be a separate post but it was nice just to have a toilet on the first floor again!

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