Friday, February 17, 2012

Brightening Up the Cave - Part 2

With all of the drywall hung we couldn't wait to finish the lighting in the family room.  We actually did all of the work a few weeks ago, but a birthday, craziness at work, and a vacation delayed this post.

Andy marked the center of each light location and used a circular hole attachment for the Dremel tool to cut the circles while I tried to capture as much dust as possible with the shopvac.

It was surprisingly easy and we were able to get all ten holes cut one evening after work.  

With the lights ready to be installed there was one last hole to cut for the air conditioning vent.

Throughout the week Andy worked to install the lights.  They look like different brightnesses...because they are.  We just threw in whatever lightbulbs we had on hand (we were that excited to have light!)  There are some CFLs, some old incandescents that we removed from old fixtures and one LED bulb.  We've heard great things about the LED bulbs (better color and truly instant on as compared to the CFLs),  plus they are supposed to last close to 40 years.  The problem is that they are very expensive and we wanted to try one out before we invest in the entire room.  So far, we are very happy.  It's so nice to have a well-lit room.  We still don't like the paneling, but at least with the new lights it doesn't look orange at night.

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