Monday, February 20, 2012

Drywall Finishing -- Part 1

We hired a contractor to finish all of the drywall and he started last week.  The picture below is at the top of the step and although this isn't new drywall we had a ton of nail pops in this wall after our bathroom demolition several months ago.  

After the first coat -- still drying.

Dry after the second coat.

And a before photo as a reminder.  We were actually going to attempt this repair ourselves, but we were glad the the contractor was able to do it for us.  He chipped off the loose paint and taped over the nails. 

Looking at the new knee wall from the top of the steps.  There were three pieces of drywall that came together at the lower corner.  The two old ones weren't great to start and with the new addition there was a good bit of work to do.  You can see how they are starting to make the transition after the first coat.

Drying after the second coat.  Screw holes are filled and corner bead is in place.

This used to be the door to my old closet!

New closets after the first coat.

And after the second coat with the corners taped at the inside corner and corner bead installed on the outside corner.

Master bathroom and new closet.  It's finally starting to look like a room!

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