Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Waste King

We came home from vacation to find that our garbage disposal was broken.  I don't think our nasty neighbor magical elves came in broke it while we were gone.  It was just old, never worked that well to begin with, and was ready for a new life in the garbage.  Andy did some research on Consumer Reports and apparently Waste King disposals are the most highly rated.  I'm not sure if I've posted it on the blog before or not, but we don't have a favorable opinion of Waste King products. But it's not fair to base our judgment of a garbage disposal on the would-like-to-throw-it-out-the-window qualities of our oven.  Waste King seems like a great name for a garbage disposal -- not so much an oven (maybe that's why it's so terrible!). 

Here is Andy installing the new disposal.  It's slightly larger than our old one.

Old Kenmore -- ready for the trash.

And our favorite oven (also ready for the trash).  The temperature is about 25 degrees off, it has up to a 75 degree swing (not good for cookies) and is next to impossible to actually get the broiler to turn on.

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