Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Friendly(??) Visitor

This past Friday I was picking up sticks in the front yard in preparation for the first lawn mowing of the season (yuck!).  There were a few high spots of grass (where we actually have grass growing) and some serious weeds that needed mowed down.  I was listening to some music, minding my own business, making a game out of how many sticks I could pickup before having to change location, when I almost picked up this snake!  I got within inches when I saw it turn its head and stick out its tongue.  I had to place emergency phone calls to my parents and Andy for an iphone photo ID because I was too afraid to walk away from it for fear that it would move and surprise me as a stick somewhere else in the yard (or worse yet, become a victim of the lawn mower -- gross!!).  Our best guess at an ID is an Eastern Garter Snake.  It's actually a beneficial snake, but I was happy to watch it slither away (about an hour and a half later!) as I was mowing the lawn.  It was about 24" long -- or 20" longer than my snake comfort zone (i.e. anything bigger than a worm!).

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